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Vivo All Model Firmware Flash Tool Free Download

Vivo All Model Firmware Flash Tool Free DownloadVivo is a Chinese smartphone brand owned by BBK Electronics, which produces smartphones, accessories, software, and other products in the country. The attractive design, improved camera sensors, and enhanced Funtouch OS with a plethora of customizations are the major considerations for Vivo consumers throughout the world in a competitive price range. If you wish to flash ROM on a Vivo smartphone with a FullView Display or a 16:9 aspect ratio display, follow this simple procedure. We’ll show you how to flash Vivo firmware on your smartphone [Software update instructions] in this article.

The majority of Vivo smartphones now run Android 8 Oreo or later OS versions with the Funtouch OS overlay. There is no problem if your Vivo handset receives software OTA updates automatically. However, if you aren’t receiving software updates via OTA or are having problems with the update, you may do it manually. It’s as simple as downloading the official Stock Firmware upgrade file in ZIP format and installing it.

Vivo All Model Firmware Flash Tool Free Download
Vivo All Model Firmware Flash Tool Free Download

Advantages of Vivo Stock ROM/Firmware

Because Android is open-source, there are a variety of modifications that may be made. The ability to install custom ROMs such as HavocOS, Pixel Experience, and LineageOS is at the top of this list. While they do provide a plethora of extra modifications that your device may not have come without of the box, they also come with certain dangers. To begin with, they may be unstable and may introduce a few problems. In that scenario, the only option is to flash your Vivo device with the stock ROM or firmware.

Other modifications, on the other hand, might be extremely hazardous and result in your device being bricked. In certain instances, you’ll have to rely on the stock firmware once more. Simply flash the firmware build to restore your device to its original state. Because the stock ROM was created with your device in mind, you can expect it to be far more stable and perform better than a modified ROM.

List of Vivo Stock Firmware Support Page:

  1. Vivo V5 Plus
  2. Vivo Z3
  3. Vivo Y70s
  4. Vivo X50
  5. Vivo X50 Pro
  6. Vivo Y9s
  7. Vivo X50 Lite
  8. Vivo Y27
  9. Vivo Y22
  10. Vivo Y15 2013
  11. Vivo Y30
  12. Vivo Y31A
  13. Vivo V19
  14. Vivo Y5s
  15. Vivo X30 Pro
  16. Vivo Y50
  17. Vivo S6 5G
  18. Vivo X30
  19. Vivo Z6 5G
  20. Vivo iQOO Pro 5G
  21. Vivo U3x
  22. Vivo U20
  23. Vivo V17
  24. Vivo V17 Neo
  25. Vivo S1 Pro
  26. Vivo Y19
  27. Vivo U10
  28. Vivo iQOO
  29. Vivo Z5
  30. Vivo Y11 2019
  31. Vivo NEX 3
  32. Vivo Y89
  33. Vivo Y93s
  34. Vivo Z1 Youth Edition
  35. Vivo Z5x
  36. Vivo V17 Pro
  37. Vivo Z1x
  38. Vivo Y90
  39. Vivo S1
  40. Vivo Z1 Pro
  41. Vivo Y15 2019
  42. Vivo Y12
  43. Vivo Y17
  44. Vivo Y91i
  45. Vivo Y91c
  46. Vivo V15 Pro
  47. Vivo V15
  48. Vivo V9 Pro
  49. Vivo V3
  50. Vivo Y15S
  51. Vivo Y31
  52. Vivo Y21
  53. Vivo Xshot x710
  54. Vivo Y28L
  55. Vivo Y27
  56. Vivo Y23L
  57. Vivo Y17W
  58. Vivo Y31i
  59. Vivo X3S
  60. Vivo Y11
  61. Vivo X6A
  62. Vivo Y51A
  63. Vivo XPlay 3S
  64. Vivo XPlay 5A
  65. Vivo Y67
  66. Vivo Y81D
  67. Vivo Y25
  68. Vivo Xplay 5S
  69. Vivo Xplay 6
  70. Vivo X9i
  71. Vivo X9 Plus
  72. Vivo Y35
  73. Vivo Y83 Pro
  74. Vivo Y93
  75. Vivo NEX 2
  76. Vivo Y55L
  77. Vivo Y81i
  78. Vivo Y91 / Y95
  79. Vivo V11 Stock
  80. Vivo Y15
  81. Vivo Y21L
  82. Vivo V11 Pro
  83. Vivo Y81
  84. Vivo Y75A
  85. Vivo Z1
  86. Vivo Nex S/A
  87. Vivo Y31L
  88. Vivo Y75
  89. Vivo Y79
  90. Vivo Y66i
  91. Vivo X9S Plus
  92. Vivo Y85
  93. Vivo V71
  94. Vivo V9 Youth
  95. Vivo V9
  96. Vivo V3 Max
  97. Vivo Y71
  98. Vivo Y83
  99. Vivo X21
  100. Vivo Y37/Y37A
  101. Vivo X5
  102. Vivo V1
  103. Vivo Y55
  104. Vivo X9
  105. Vivo X6s
  106. Vivo X6S Plus
  107. Vivo X5 Max Plus
  108. Vivo Y65
  109. Vivo V7
  110. Vivo X20
  111. Vivo V1 Max
  112. Vivo X20 Plus
  113. Vivo Y51L
  114. Vivo Y55s
  115. Vivo E1
  116. Vivo V5
  117. Vivo Y22
  118. Vivo Y69
  119. Vivo V5S
  120. Vivo V7 Plus
  121. Vivo V5 Lite
  122. Vivo Y66
  123. Vivo Y53
  124. Vivo X3S BI
  125. Vivo Y28
  126. Vivo Y17T
  127. Vivo Y33/Y33L
  128. Vivo X5 Max (S/F/L/V)

How to flash Vivo firmware on your device?

Both the manual software upgrading procedure for Vivo smartphones with an 18:9 FullView Display and the manual software updating process for Vivo devices with a 16:9 aspect ratio display have been shared. Let’s have a look at the pre-requirements or key suggestions to follow before moving on to the upgrading stages.

Important Tips:

Note:- Vivo phones running Android 8 or higher cannot flash or downgrade to a lower version (you can verify your device’s current software version in Settings > System update). Internal data on the device, including contacts, messages, and internal files, will be entirely erased throughout the firmware flashing procedure. Before you do anything, be sure you have a complete backup of your essential data. Keep your smartphone charged to at least 50% or higher to ensure a smooth update procedure.

For the Fullview Display Devices:

The manual firmware upgrading method for Vivo’s 18:9 aspect ratio display devices is available here.

  • Wipe data on your phone by turning it off, then pressing and holding the Power + Volume Up buttons at the same time until the Vivo logo displays.

Fullview Display Devices

  • By hitting the Volume Down button, you may enter Stock Recovery mode and exit it by pressing the Power button.


  • Wipe data is selected, then Wipe data is selected again, then the lock screen password is entered (if any).
  • Then, to reset your device, choose the Reboot system.
  • Here you can download the official Stock Firmware for your phone model. (Official Firmware for the Vivo)
    • Choose Specific Region > Support > System update > Choose your Vivo Model > Download Firmware.
  • After downloading the zip file, unzip it and place it in the root directory of your device’s storage or SD card (do not extract or unzip it yet).
Note:- Make sure the zip file is saved without any folders on the internal or SD card. This is required for the system to automatically detect the firmware file.
  • Now, Install the firmware from the File Manager app on your phone directly by tapping on the zip file.
  • If you can’t enter on your phone, you can also follow the above steps to enter into Recovery mode.
    • Then select Install update > Phone Storage or SD card > select the firmware > tap on the Next button to install it.
  • That’s it. Wait for the complete installation process.
  • Reboot your device. Enjoy!

For the 16:9 Display Devices:

From the above firmware link, you can get the official Stock Firmware for your phone model.

  • Wipe data on your phone by turning it off and pressing and holding the Power + Volume Up buttons together for a few seconds until the Vivo logo displays.
  • You’ve now entered Stock Recovery mode.
    • Wipe data > choose to Wipe data again > a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm Wipe data.
  • Then choose Reboot system to restart your phone (For Funtouch OS 2.0 or earlier versions, select Recovery mode by hitting the Volume Down button and enter it by pressing the Power button).
  • Then choose Wipe data/factory reset > Wipe data > Wipe data > Confirm Wipe Data. Finally, to restart your phone, choose the Reboot system now).
  • After downloading the zip file, unzip it and place it in the root directory of your device’s storage or SD card (do not extract or unzip it yet).
  • Install the firmware zip file straight on your phone using the File Manager app.
  • Alternatively, you may go back into Recovery mode and choose Install update > Phone Storage or SD card > choose the firmware > touch the Next button to install it.
  • After the installation is finished, restart your phone. You’ve completed the task.
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