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How to Use Samloader to Download Samsung (Stock Firmware)

How to Use Samloader to Download Samsung (Stock Firmware). We’ll show you how to use the Samloader utility to download Samsung OTA Updates in this article. Typically, OEMs post their firmware downloads on their individual websites. Users can utilize stock recovery, ADB sideloads, or other means to manually download and flash the needed firmware file. Things are different with Samsung, though. There isn’t an official location where you can acquire stock firmware.

How to Use Samloader to Download Samsung (Stock Firmware)

As a result, consumers seek out third-party software as an alternative. SamFirm and Frija are two of the most well-known players in this field. Using the tools listed above, you can quickly download the firmware files and then flash them using Odin. In this segment, we now have a new player. It’s called Samloader, and it’s simplified the entire downloading procedure. This post will show you how to use the Samloader utility to download Samsung OTA Updates.

What is the Samloader Tool

n000, an XDA junior member, reverse-engineered the Samsung Smart Switch and built a Python-based cross-platform tool. The most appealing feature of this program is that it is open-source; you can view its source code on GitHub. In a similar vein, it does not make use of Windows DLL. As a result, the program is compatible with both Mac and Linux platforms (apart from Windows).

What is the Samloader Tool

Furthermore, this program is very little (less than 100 KB) and might be used to decrypt the OTA package. You may then add the ability to produce flashable packages to this tool’s list of features. With this information, you should have a good notion of what this tool is capable of. So, let’s have a look at how to utilize the Samloader program and, as a result, how to download Samsung OTA Updates using it.

How to Download Samsung OTA Updates via Samloader

For your convenience, we’ve divided the processes in the instructions below into sections. Carry on in the same manner.

STEP 1: Install Python 3 and PIP


  1. First and foremost, get the most recent Python build. Then run the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. You’ll also need to install PIP once that’s done. Fortunately, this is already installed in later Python builds. To check, open the Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following command:
pip help

pip help

3. You should get a large list of commands after typing the given code. This indicates that PIP has been installed correctly. Now you can move on to the next stage.

STEP 2: Download Samloader

Now is the moment to get the Samloader Codebase. You can either use this direct URL or use git to clone the repository. The latter can be accomplished with the following command:

git clone

STEP 3: Install using PIP

It’s time to install Samloader now that you’ve downloaded it and installed Python and PIP. The PIP command will be used to accomplish this. To begin, we’ll change the directory to the tool’s location and then install it using PIP. Here’s the command you’ll need to do:

cd samloader pip3 install
  • Or you could also use the following syntax:

pip3 install <path-to-samloader>

STEP 4: Checking the latest Firmware for your device

Now that we’ve completed the installation, it’s time to use the Samloader utility to begin the process of obtaining Samsung OTA Updates. The first step is to make sure you have the most recent firmware for your Samsung device. The following is the syntax for that:

samloader checkupdate [model] [region]
  • If your device is a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, for example, the above command will be:
samloader checkupdate SM-G988U TMB
  • Similarly, you might change the command that corresponds to your device.

STEP 5: Downloading the Firmware File

Using the following command, you can now download the firmware file for your Galaxy devices as well as specify the download directory:

samloader download [version] [model] [region] [out]

STEP 6: Decrypting the Firmware

Finally, if you want to decrypt the firmware artifacts, you can use one of two commands. It depends on whether you’re running enc2 or enc4 encrypted firmware. The following are the commands for both of them:

  • For enc2 encrypted firmware:
samloader decrypt2 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]
  • For enc4 encrypted firmware:
samloader decrypt4 [version] [model] [region] [infile] [outfile]
The appropriate firmware file for your Galaxy smartphone will be downloaded now. With that, we’ve completed our tutorial on how to use the Samloader program to obtain Samsung OTA Updates. There are a few key points that must be addressed. Because some carriers, like AT&T and Verizon, use Samsung’s OTA server to distribute official updates, the tool will not work with them.
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