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Calculator Lock App For Android Free Download 2021

Calculator Lock App For Android Free DownloadHideX is a picture and video calculator for the photo lock gallery, a hidden calculator, a gallery vault calculator lock app, a video lock behind a math calculator without anyone knowing it as a video lock gallery.

Calculator Lock

HideX gallery vault & video lock, disguised as a hidden calculator, is a beautiful free video gallery vault, photo gallery lock, audio protector and privacy lock for your personal data and media files.

Install the vault of the privacy lock and calculator gallery now so that no one but yourself can access secret folders or privacy data. You can create a picture gallery and media gallery of your own, control secret privacy files or photo and video archives, videos and hide images from the machine gallery, while others are only able to see a standard installed on your phone.


  • Vault lock gallery: auto-detect images and videos on the computer
  • Privacy lock: cover photos and videos from the gallery vault, lock photo album lock,
  • Gallery vault calculator: disguised as a calculator on the home screen.
  • Sort files or directories, arrange secret images and videos better in the vault lock gallery,
  • Private image viewer built-in, video player
  • Private browser for private and safe visits to sites
  • Big media storage in hidex gallery vault pro for locking video & hiding images

App Design:

  • Video lock calculator, picture vault calculator, nobody knows its presence other than you
  • In the personal gallery, picture and video lock can only be viewed with the right numeric PIN you set for the vault of the private calculator gallery
  • Provide all the standard and science functions to make the safe gallery vault image/video lock a perfect disguise.

Video Download Lock App

  • Look for any movies or videos you want to download
  • Such as the recent hit Mirzapur Season 2
  • Download and hide movies or any private video download and lock
  • Permit downloading of Facebook video, downloading of Instagram video and locking
  • Keep everyone in a secure video vault away from your private videos, movies,
  • Build secret unrestricted directories and import files

The Private Browse VPN Browser

  • View websites via the built-in vpn privacy browser
  • Keep people away from your online browsing history while you access Chrome privately.
  • Allow chrome or incognito browsing in private mode in Firefox

Hide images, hide photographs

  • Hide photos from the machine gallery in our secret picture vault
  • Browse secret images in a safe location
  • Various file formats for photo lock support: jpg, png, gif, and more

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