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Text Me Free Calls/SMS App Download 2022

Text Me Free Calls/SMS App Download. Free Text – Free Text to any number in the United States of America: free text / SMS + MMS plus community chat!

Free Calling App – Free Call to any number in Canada: genuine voice calls of the next generation plus voicemail. A Real Phone Number: Get your own real phone number for calling USA Canada now, text now for free

Transform your Google Android tablet into a voice and text system now: phone and tablet calls with Text Me free messaging applications, and free app calls.

Gain free Text Me credits or buy Text Me credits to text/send SMS and call 200 destinations: Cheap or Free International Calling: No cellular data plan required: Text Me is the best free WIFI calling app – send SMS, WIFI MMS. Free texting apps that allow verification codes.

2nd, several numbers: number of the burner, disposable number, free anonymous call, anonymous email. The USA, Canada Unlimited Text and Calls: Experience as many free calls as you want, free SMS, free MMS, free text now

Main Features:

  • A genuine free phone number – anonymous messaging – anonymous calling – burner number, disposable number
  • Free Unlimited Message to USA, Canada
  • A free real phone call, free text
  • Voicemail for Free
  • Forwarding Call
  • MMS image messaging – app for group messaging – group chat
  • Calling abroad
  • Lookup Number
  • Customizable Text-Free Signatures
  • Text Tone Adjustable, Text Sound Sent
  • Reminder message unread
  • Customizable tone/ringtone of call
  • Filtering messages
  • Call filtering – Inbound Call Filtering on the Lock screen
  • Background/Wallpaper Customizable
  • Video Call
  • Customizable greeting from voicemail
  • Privacy – Anonymous – Passcode: hold a secret text message
  • Confidentiality – Secret – Cover text messages, conversations
  • Text message preview on a closed screen
  • A reminder of text message
  • WIFI for Free
  • Share the location of the GPS through free text message / SMS / MMS
  • Burner Phone: Private second text number, call
  • Via Facebook & Google, sign up
  • Compatible with the major text applications: Google Speech, Text Now, Text Free
  • Send Picture by MMS

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