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WhatsApp Also has Inflexible Message Disappearing Options

WhatsApp Also has Inflexible Message Disappearing Options. In many ways, WhatsApp has become somewhat synonymous with internet-based text messaging in general, but since Facebook has acquired it in many ways, the company’s charm has begun to subside to some extent.

WhatsApp Also has Inflexible Message Disappearing Options

Since this is the kind of thing that might potentially end up losing the business its current market supremacy, WhatsApp has chosen to take a leaf out of its up and coming competitors’ books, just as Facebook did with Snapchat and other upcoming competitors that had features that Facebook had not been able to think of beforehand.

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The most recent feature coming on WhatsApp is the disappearance of messages. Competitors such as Signal and Telegram have been providing such a feature for quite some time now, but because the social media site finally began encouraging users to use a special type of Messenger many years ago, this is not Facebook’s first foray into the world of disappearing messages.

But with all that being said and out of the way, it is important to remember that the present foray of WhatsApp is an important move because this app is considered to be different from the conventional and tightly knit family of services and platforms of Facebook. Actually, this feature is very restrictive since it only allows users to enable an option that would allow messages to disappear after seven days have passed.

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Most of the competitors of WhatsApp give more control over how long your message is available before it is deleted, so it is likely that this might not do much to make people switch back from more privacy-oriented WhatsApp competitors as they would most likely require a lot more control when it comes to the different ways in which messages can disappear on their own.

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