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Udhaar App Digital Khata Free Download 2021

Udhaar App Digital Khata Free DownloadUdhaar App is here to replace the old paper khata book. This App is your digital Khata/Udhaar ledger, which allows you to manage all your customers’ credits and transactions directly through your smartphone. With its very own Customer Phonebook, you can conveniently record valuable details such as name, phone number and more from your customers.

Udhaar App

So that you can communicate effortlessly with them. Keep track of all the Udhaar amounts in-store and even at home for your customers. The days of holding onto old Khata book to recall the Udhaar amounts of everyone are gone – now, you have Udhaar doing the heavy lifting for you.


Exciting characteristics include:

  • Keep the data of your customers 100 percent secure 24/7
  • To inform them of their remaining Udhaar numbers, dial up or give your clients SMS notifications to
  • Update and Auto Backup
  • Seamlessly connect, edit and delete customers in your Customer Phonebook
  • Edit and change Udhaar amounts separately for all your clients – with just a few taps
  • Record the remaining credits in real-time, so you’re still up to date.

Why pick Udhaar’s Oscar?

  • No abrupt charges, no additional fees – it’s 100% FREE!
  • On every entry, free SMS notifications to your client.
  • To any entry you make, you may add notes.
  • Get weekly/monthly FREE reports.
  • Give your customers personalized updates.
  • It’s easy, so you and your store are never behind you.
  • You can run your store’s Hisab Kitab in-store or on-the-go with such an easy-to-use platform.
  • With every transaction, you always get accurate results and calculations
  • Got a problem? No worries, our support team will assist you 24/7

The measures are straightforward:

  • Download the Software for Udhaar
  • Add information about customers
  • Now give Udhar, give Udhar
  • Let the rest be done with the Udhaar app!

Language spoken:

  • English
  • Urdu
  •  Sindhi

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