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Oppo claims to be the first 5G VoNR video and voice calling phones in the world

Oppo claims to be the first 5G VoNR video and voice calling phones in the world. In the 4G period, the telecommunications industry prioritized carrying out higher-speed data transfers over-improving conventional phone calls, resulting in comparatively late and undercoordinated launches of telephony services “Voice over LTE” (VoLTE).

Oppo claims to be the first 5G VoNR video and voice calling phones in the world

When 5G networks and services are distributed all over the world, the same scenario is likely to play out again: Chinese phone maker Oppo today said it plans to be the first cell phone company to embrace Voice over New Radio (VoNR), an improved standard for 5G video and voice calls.

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Once connected via Ericsson cellular tower hardware, the development will see Oppo phones using MediaTek’s Density 1000L chips make VoNR calls. Oppo claims that it has successfully tested the chips using updated commercial smartphone designs and a standalone 5G network operated by Ericsson in Sweden, “almost immediately” connecting to a voice call before switching to a high-definition video calling “with a single keypress.”

5G VoNR video and voice calling phones

VoNR calls aim to boost the sound quality of voice calls, the picture quality of video calls and overall latency, raising the distance between sending and receiving responses. Oppo states that direct 5G VoNR communications would also be better than current solutions for video conferencing, with “obviously fewer intermediaries” than depending on Zoom, Skype or others to link people to video chats.

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As work from home becomes more popular, video protection and quality provided by 5G would make a difference for businesses and end-users. Several major 5G chip makers worked on support for VoNR but their timing for rollout remained ambiguous. Last May, Huawei said it successfully completed the first VoNR call in the world using a standalone 5G network and two commercial 5G phones but characterized the development as a test.

Oppo claims to be the first 5G VoNR Calling Mobiles

Qualcomm has promised to assist VoNR with its third-generation 5G modem, the Snapdragon X60, for unspecified devices launching in and after early 2021. MediaTek and Ericsson tested VoNR successfully last December without naming a particular phone partner, setting the stage for the news today.

Given the growing demand for improved and more reliable telephony, it remains to be seen whether and when the achievement of Oppo’s 5G will really make an impact. The company’s VoNR offering will initially focus on MediaTek Dimensity 1000-series (and probably 800-series) chips, Ericsson 5G compatible towers, and the spread of Oppo 5G phones, estimated at 1 percent of all 5G smartphones, compared to Oppo’s approximately 9 percent global smartphone market share.

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Its effect can first be felt in China, where its devices account for just under 20 percent of local sales and where stand-alone 5G networks are increasingly starting to come online.

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