Gamers Favorite Minecraft Based Applications Including Malware Causing Millions of Damage

Gamers Favorite Minecraft Based Applications Including Malware Causing Millions of Damage. Inside the Google Play Store, another explosion of malicious apps is taking place and because of it, gamers are in danger in real life this time as cybercriminals are targeting what the gaming community really loves – Minecraft.

Gamers Favorite Minecraft Based Applications Including Malware Causing Millions of Damage

Avast, a leading provider of digital security and privacy products, has reported that there are a number of ‘fleeceware’ apps available on the Play Store that offer new skins, colorful wallpapers, or Minecraft game modifications. So the apps charge them hundreds of dollars for each item per month when a user tries to purchase something from them. There are still seven apps active on the platform, according to the firm, and maybe Google is unaware of the issue.

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Fleeceware is the latest addition to the crimes which take place in the cyber world for those who don’t know. As part of the trial period (usually three days), bad actors give their targets enticing services and then immediately start charging $30 a week without users’ consent. These fraudsters are also well aware of how an installed program or short trial can be easily overlooked by a customer, so they catch on to such an opportunity with the help of subscription costs.

Overall, these apps receive 1 to 5-star ratings, which means that the app is either enjoyed by people or they totally hate it. There is nothing in between, but the app has a very low aggregate ranking.

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Ondrej David, Avast’s malware analysis team chief, clarified the attack’s effectiveness by claiming that such scams frequently cause severe harm only because they target users who do not really read the fine print information of any app they download, such as kids.

It has been said several times before that before you download any app from an unknown developer, the best way to protect yourself from any kind of scam is by looking through user feedback and billing details.

The following fleeceware apps have already been posted by Avast to Google Play and if you have installed any of them by mistake, it is time to first uninstall the app and then cancel the subscription by going to the Play Store menu in the upper left corner => Subscriptions.

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