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YouTube Kids Android App Free Download

YouTube Kids Android App Free Download. YouTube Kids was created to provide a more contained environment for kids to explore on their own, while also making it easier for parents and caregivers to guide them as they discover new and exciting interests along the way.
A more secure online environment for children

YouTube Kids Android App Free Download

youtube kids
To protect our youngest users online, we use a combination of automated filters designed by our technical teams, human review, and input from parents to keep the videos on YouTube Kids family-friendly. However, no system is flawless, and inappropriate videos can slip through, so we’re always working to strengthen our protections and add new functionality to help parents have the best possible experience for their children.

Parental Controls allow you to tailor your child’s experience

Set a time limit on how long your children can watch television and allow them to move from watching to doing.
Keep track of what they’re watching: Simply visit the watch it again page to stay up to date with what they’ve watched and what new interests they’re pursuing.
Blocking: Don’t like what you’re seeing? Block the video or the whole channel and you won’t be able to see it again.

YouTube Kids Android App Free Download

You can always flag a video for review to alert us to any inappropriate content. Videos that have been flagged are checked 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you want to handpick the videos, platforms, and/or collections that you’ve approved your child. Watch, choose the “Approved Content Only” mode. Kids will not be able to scan for videos in this mode. For kids aged 4 and under, the “Preschool” Mode curates videos that encourage imagination, playfulness, learning, and exploration. Kids ages 5-7 can use the “Younger”. Mode to explore their interests in a range of topics such as music, cartoons, and crafts. Although our “Older” Mode allows children aged 8 and up to browse and discover more content, such as popular music and gaming videos for children.

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