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Pakistan Sim Information App Free Download 2021

Pakistan Sim Information App Free Download. Enter your CNIC/Passport to find out the total number of SIMs registered against your CNIC/Passport and click Submit.
In a few seconds, search for Pakistani sims.

Pakistan Sim Information App Free Download

Pakistan Sim Information

Check whether your phone has been stolen or not.

Pakistan Sim Information helps you to obtain information on the Pakistani CNIC Number for SIM cards released. The average rating at the play store is 3.70 out of 5 stars. If you want to learn more about Pak Sim Data | Sim Owner Details, you can visit the support center for more information.

First Application for verifying the number of SIMs registered with a person’s name. Just provide an individual’s CNIC number and the app will check and let you know how many SIMs are registered against the CNIC number of that person. This will show you the number of SIMs registered by all Pakistani mobile telecommunications companies.

SIMPLE APP to display data on your SIM/phone

  • Serial Number Number (the one on the back of your sim card)
  • Software version of Device
  • Card Information
  • Form of Phone¬† (GSM or CDMA or SIP)
  • Name of Operator ( Code and Full Name)
  • State SIM Card
  • Telephone Number
  • Amount of Voices
  • ID Subscriber (IMSI)
  • And details about the network, like,
  • Style NETWORK
  • Connectivity to Data
  • Data State The Data State
  • Roaming for (Yes or NO)

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