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Fast Motion Speed up Videos with Fast Motion

Fast Motion Speed up Videos with Fast MotionCreating amazing Fast Motion Camera images! Trim the video, adjust the velocity and embellish the video with effects, then add music and voila! The Quick Motion camera helps you to record videos on social media and post them!

Fast Motion Speed up Videos with Fast Motion

fast motion
fast motion


  • Slow motion, visual effects for rapid motion,
  • Switch off sound and add music or pick sound on your phone from your library
  • Build videos with HD quality in Slow Mo and Fast Mo
  • To make your video stand out, add filters to
  • Try out our wonderful frames and funny stickers for any occasion.
  • Add text and do not hesitate to use emoji to brighten it up!
  • Post your video on Instagram, Tik Tok or share it directly from the app with friends via messengers.

Fast Motion Speed up Videos with Fast Motion

You need to select a video from your gallery or shoot a new one right in the app to edit a video, then choose whether to make a Slow Motion or a Fast Motion Video and choose one of 50 speeds. Choose the filter, frame or effect to be added, adjust brightness and contrast, and try stickers! Add music and sound from your gadget, or select one from the library. Post it on your social media after the entire masterpiece is made, and don’t forget to add hashtags below!

Make a video of rapid motion! The app switches the original film rate to a quicker / faster version.

Fast Motion Video FX helps you to pick the output film speed. For starters, you can quickly make your speech sound like a tiny little mouse! Or record any dropping items, such as a table spoon, nuts, seeds and… Make it fast… it’s going to look funny!

You’ve got a fast motion camera in your pocket now! You can upload the video production to YouTube or Instagram – show your friends and get hundreds of ‘likes’!

Record your speech and use our Slow & Quick Motion Video application to make your speech fast or even slow. In slow motion and fast motion, watch games. A simple and easy-to-use user interface. Shoot, edit, and post videos in a breathtaking smooth slow motion on every social networking site without transferring any files of any sort. Supports all sorts of common video formats, like AVI, 3GP, MKV, TS, MPG, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc.

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