Samsung Galaxy M12 design looks like A42

Samsung Galaxy M12 design looks like A42. With a massive 7,000 mAh battery, Samsung is working on an entry-level Android. It will probably be named “Galaxy M12,” although it is also a possibility for F12/F12s. Anyway, earlier this month we saw live photos of an unfinished back panel, now @OnLeaks has filled the CAD-based 3D renders of the phone in the blanks.

The design is very similar to the recently announced Galaxy A42 5G. This time, the screen will be a flat 6.5″ panel, an LCD, note the side-mounted fingerprint reader (also consider the price class of M12). The screen will be a flat 6.5″ panel. As the A42 5G also has a 720 x 1,600 px OLED display (with an in-display reader), the resolution will be 720p+ at best.

Samsung Galaxy M12

Samsung Galaxy M12 design looks like A42

The actual size of the phone are similar-163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9 mm will be measured by the M12, with the thickness going up to 10 mm when you include the camera bump. This is slightly thinner than the M51, the first 7,000 mAh phone from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy M12 design looks like A42

The Galaxy M12’s back has the same floor plan as the A42 with up to four modules (could be three + some auxiliary sensor) housing a square camera bump. The LED flash goes below the bump in a separate hole. That back is going to be made of plastic.

The two-texture back is something that the live photos of the back panel did not show; the top three quarters have diagonal stripes while the bottom has a simple glossy finish.The A42 has four bands” of different textures, so for Samsung’s 2021 phones (other than the S-series, anyway), this seems to be a design trend.

It looks like in the next decade the 3.5mm headphone jack will live on and USB-C is the data/charging port. The M10 arrived in January, the M11 in June of this year to see the Galaxy M12 unveiled very early next year.

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