Imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

Imoo Watch Phone Z6 review. We’ve tested a lot of Mobile Remarks smartwatches here and a few thousand phones, even a few watch phones, but none quite like this one. I went looking for a way to give her the piece of mind to be able to meet us at any time without showing much distraction to her or those around her when my daughter began attending pre-school this year.

My quest took me to the imoo Watch Phone Z6 and this review was born, having already put it to use for a full month. The quick version is that while its software has a lot of room for development, it’s a great buy. For the details, read on.

Imoo Watch Phone

Imoo Watch Phone Z6 review


Imoo is a business that began in 2012 and has concentrated for the past five years on children’s watches. The Watch Phone Z6 is their product of the fifth generation, sticking to the normal pattern of skipping number 4 by Chinese firms.

A major contributor to my decision to go with them is that they are currently officially. Represented in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. While most of their competitors are across these parts, having their own shops. Support and service centers instead of depending on a third-party reseller. Compliance with the EU GDPR is prominently displayed on the imoo website, but this can be balanced by any other commodity officially sold in Europe.

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It comes alongside a proprietary adapter that ends in a USB-A port that you can stick into any charger. Going on to the actual product at hand. To charge it you need to flip the Watch Phone Z6 open, as the pins are on its underside. But the magnetic connection snaps in place quickly and securely.

As the supplied one has a wide adjustment range that will suit any kid’s wrist, there is no spare band. Because of the bracket used to allow the Watch Phone Z6 to stand upright as well they are not easily replaceable. But they fit well on the upside and offer excellent comfort in addition to being sturdy enough that you won’t need to have odds.

Imoo Watch Phone Z6 review

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